Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WINOL 10/02/10

Today's broadcast... what an absolute shambles. Nobody is to blame, which is why I am so flared up by overhearing people take the first opportunity to shirk the blame onto the next mug. It's our FIRST live broadcast with this reduced group so nobody was expecting any miracles. The problem was that nobody really knew what was expected of them. Roles were not explained in full to the people who really needed to know.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for my role in the downfall of WINOL! I was told I was the script writer and so I was shown a sort of template of how to do it and just did as I was told... bad idea. I should have shunned the help and taken full responsibility for the role. A little research would have gone a long way today. Next week will be very different as I plan to take a more active role, and less bullshit. My role was not explained to me properly and so I was running around running errands totally irrelevant to my role. I think there was an "at the moment" attitude through-out the newsroom when everyone should have been looking at the bigger picture.

I'm not making excuses but my production group had held a meeting without me and so I received the 'left over' job that nobody wanted, that happened to be a vital one! If I had been there I would not have opted for this role but now I have it I will endeavor to improve and excel. To be fair I didn't want to be a news reporter last semester but once I got my head around it I was alright so I am trying to see the positives in that this is all relevant experience.

I noticed that in the news room, as predicted, nobody was willing to take a role of authority which made for a more laid back approach which really, REALLY did not do the bulletin any justice. I hope that people will stop worrying about what others think and do/say what needs to be to get the job done.

Rant over... now I'm off to slit my wrists!

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