Saturday, 6 February 2010

Something HAS to change...

Today I travelled to London for an audition to be a contestant on a gameshow. Now entering for this was so out of character as it was. I am not what I would call an 'extrovert' and I'm definitely not one to 'put myself out there' but I had come across this website called and they were scouting for contestants with "brain and brawn" and although I possess neither of these traits I suddenly decided to go for it. I sent my application off and a few days later had a call inviting me to come and audition... so today at 3pm there I was.

The audition was a collection of activities to bring out our personalities and test our fitness... yes there was a bleep test and no I do NOT want to talk about it :/

So we got round to doing some screen tests and that was when it hit me. I. am. BORING. Among my fellow auditionees were; a stand up comedian, a scuba diver, a man who had recently lost 6 stone in weight, a girl who could raise her leg above her head... and then me. It got to my screen test which went a bit like this....

"Hi, I'm Kayleigh, I'm nearly 21 and I study Journalism in Winchester." (voice of God: What's going on in Winchester Kayleigh?) "Nothing... absolutely nothing happens in Winchester". (What do you do in your spare time) "My degree takes up alot of my time but apart from that I like going out drinking."

I have absolutely NOTHING interesting to say about me! At what point in my life did I decide I wasn't going to do anything for myself... I was just going to become engulfed in stuff going on around me? I can't live like this anymore! What an actual granny I am! I'm making changes starting today. I've bought a brand new diary and I have told myself that there has to be something in it that's new and exciting on a minimum of a monthly basis, so if you're a member/organiser of a tap dancing class, opera rehearsal, base jumping team, or ANYTHING else, keep an eye out because I might just be joining you soon!

Love and hugs :)

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  1. Please be a tap dancer. Because then i can be like... I HAVE A TAP DANCING FRIEND!!! :) You're not boring... i actually find you overly interesting!!