Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back To The Grindstone, That Is Winol...

Yesterday saw the beginning of the second semester for me and my Journo chums and as we all try and tackle our brand new roles it's the early mornings that seem to be the killer. I, myself entered the newsroom yesterday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed... probably something to do with the 9pm bedtime the night before!! Best sleep, EVER! Second morning back, I'm not going to lie... getting out of bed was a struggle! The smell of tea and coffee is wafting through the air as people try and shock themselves awake with copious amounts of caffeine.

SO! This semester I have moved from the newsteam onto the production team and it's a good place to be. Chanin, the production editor has assigned me to write the scripts for the Wednesday bulletin. This means I am trying to get my head around a new programme, ENPS. I am a bit worried that if I word something the wrong way, the VJ's who worked on the story might be disappointed with me but I am going to do my best to do everyone justice... although the temptation to fill the autocue with absolute gobble-de-gook to see the presenter, my friend, Glenn Hutt panic is SO great! I wouldn't though!

Tom Otrebski has taken over from James Kenyon as News Editor and is doing a mighty fine job so far! He has a harder job than James had in my opinion as James did not know us. He was a year above, he had not made friendships and bonds with us but Tom is a friend to many of us so I think he will struggle in being authoritive initially. I know I would! But Tom has made a vow to make the news outweigh the sports section of the bulletin and I believe we can achive this goal this semester.

Being the first live bulletin of the semester tomorrow I think emotions will be running high as everybody tries to get the show on the road. It seems that there is a bit of a lack of news this week as some people were unclear whether we would run a bulletin but hopefully it will be a success.

Tune in at 5pm tomorrow to find out how we did...


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