Monday, 9 November 2009

Behind the scenes of a news package...

I'm sure all my readers are fellow students on the course and know all about what I am about to write about but I felt after my experience on Saturday night filming, I had to talk about just what goes on behind the scenes when trying to put together a decent news package under pressure.

Last week I was assigned to go out and cover the Winchester Roundtable Fireworks night. I was told I had an interview with the Mayor all set up and asked to cover the piece from a charity angle... (how much they expected to raise, who they were raising money for, had they exceeded last year's donations? etc). I worked on the package with Colin Jeffery from the third year. We knew the procession would be beginning at 6pm outside the Guildhall so we arranged to meet at 5pm in order to meet each other for the first time and discuss our ideas for the news piece. I started this project on Saturday feeling confident and chirpy but have been reduced to a stroppy, moany mess... here's why.

Problems encountered

1. We arrived at the Guildhall and set up our perfect shot that would catch Mr.Mayor making his way down the stairs to wave to the crowds of people gathering with torches, but instead of walking down the way we anticipated when setting up our shot... he walked right over to us.

2. When we had filmed the footage of the mayor we needed we had to make a dash down the high street to reach the Buttercross monument in order to get height to get a shot of the procession moving down the road... as the crowd was getting large we decided to take a 'de-tour' by going down the back roads, so we ran off- camera and tripod slung over my shoulder I might add- down a road and across the cathedral grounds, having to climb over spikey fences (sooo not glamourous).

3. We arrived at the cricket ground where the bonfire and fireworks were taking place and got split up, one of us with the camera and the other with the tripod and missed the vital lighting of the bonfire by the mayor!

4. When we were having our interview with the mayor and Julien Clegg we had a bunch of over-excited school girls screaming at us to film them behind us... we soon shut them up by agreeing to interview them later if they could be quiet.

5. When we came to edit... we nearly finished the piece and then the computer crashed causing me to lose everything- or so I thought. Restarted the whole thing then found the 'lost' footage.

Moral of the story

God hates Journalists- anticipate for the worst as whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!

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