Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Beyond The Stars...

Tonights blogpost is undoubtedly going to make me sound like a lunatic but rest assured it's just the week I am having! The theme?

Extra Terrestrials

whatever you want to call them

From a young age I have had an interest in alternative life forms, I think this is mostly due to the fact that my godfather was somewhat of an oddball and he had a passion for everything space. He once told me that when he was very young he saw a UFO whilst playing in the garden and he remembers being dragged in the house by his mother in fear. I have no idea if this is true... the guy loved his scotch afterall.

I always thought of all the hundreds of thousands of millions of planets, how could it be that this tiny planet was the only one that held life. Well I think it is very naive for anyone to think we are totally alone in the infinate amounts of space. If I point my finger now, am I pointing at the object directly infront of my finger? Am I pointing behind the object at the wall? Am I pointing beyond the wall? What about beyond the stars? Have you ever stopped to think if you point somewhere and you followed the direct line, what would you fine billions and billions of miles away?

Who is to say that on another planet, in another universe, lightyears away there isn't an exact replica of planet earth. There could be another YOU taking a different route in life.

I had never ever thought that extra terrestrials had made contact with us. Even when reading about Roswell and other such stories when people had apparently had a close encounter or been 'abducted'. I thought "haha, funny hoax!"That is until this week...

I can't tell you why but this week little green men have been on the brain. Last night I had the most disturbing dream that this alien, tall and slim with hollow eyes and an antenna (what do you want from me... I've never met one have I?!) kept following me everywhere. At first I thought I was imagining it but then I started seeing it hide behind tree's when I whipped my head around. Then it got braver until it was playing grandmother's footsteps about a yard behind me. In the dream I calmly got my phone out to phone the government, but it stole my phone. Then I woke up... and quickly asked myself if I had taken up marijuana the night before...

I think this has all freaked me out because talk of Uni at the moment is Adrian Hicks, the Winchester based MP who recently claimed that back in January/February time of 2004, he saw an extra terrestrial strolling the Winchester high street. Ok his basis for his conclusion wasn't sound... (he claimed he knew she wasn't human because she walked funny, had very large eyes and her arm movement was strange). But it made me think. How do we know that direct contact hasn't been made? Crop circles are rife in Winchester... are they just massive hoax's or are we missing something?

I will leave you with this thought...

Humankind has been exploring space for years. Moon landing in 1969 and now even sending shuttles to Mars to explore. If there were life form on these planets WE would be aliens. Why are we ignorant enough to believe it is just us? Do we really think we're that special?

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  1. Excellent point - given the size of the universe it seems actually to be a near certainty that thre are intelligent life forms somewhere. I actually think that it is entirely possible that such creatures have already visited earth and are living amongst us in human-like form. How else can you explain multidimensional superbeings like Don 'Bendy' Hendy.

    Very good on extraterrestrialism is Carl Sagan - but his work I think is just great anyway - see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILpWhl1nT88

    thinking about the themse in 'Cosmos' is a university degre in its

    'The searching of 40,000 generations of our ancestors'

    'The awesomely powerful method of science' (= Logical Positivism)

    Carl Sagan's philosophical credo - Logical Positivism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wupToqz1e2g&NR=1

    This is good too: