Thursday, 22 October 2009

SEX... Now That I Have Your Attention, Here's Some Stuff On Psychoanalysis And Modernism

...that is pretty much the approach that my highly entertaining lecturer, Chris Horrie, had to our lecture today! Before I go into the heavy stuff that I am going to try to make sense of I will ease you in with my favourite quote of the lecture.

"If I were to pull my trousers down and wave my genitals about, parts of your brains would be flashing like mad! I'm pretty average, I'm not boasting!" (I hope I don't get into trouble for this quote!)

The parts of the brain that he was referring to are called the amygdaline and the hippocampus (I think)! Which are sections of the brain which react when certain emotions are present, namely; sex, rage and fear. For example if you were shown images of angry bloodied sex (extreme example I know!) then these parts of your brain would be going crazy. I believe this was all penned by Freud but I may be wrong.

Freud... possibly my favourite philosopher. His experiments and discoveries on the unconcious mind absolutely fascinate me. I love thinking about what my repressed thoughts are that I don't conciously bring to the forefront of my mind. Although, according to Freud these things can be quite disturbing. If you are male he suggested that all boys have the desire to kill their fathers or rid of them in some way in order to become the dominant male... and have sex with their mothers! Yes, that's right! Boys... you all want to have sex with your mummy's on some inner level if Freud's theories are to be believed."I found in myself a constant love for my mother, and jealousy of my father. I now consider this to be a universal event in childhood," Freud once said. If you are female he believes you are useless. You are a man who was born without the most important part. He believed that all women are unconciously jealous of men because they have penises. This is where the term Penis Envy derived from. He also couldn't stand how women are so bitchy and self hating and found periods disgusting. In other words... a cheauvenistic pig! But there isn't a lack of those around today to be fair, they just don't have the genius brain to let them off!

We also looked at Freud's interesting take on female sexual frustration. Freud discovered that when a women is sexually repressed, frigid or even suffering from constipation she may experience vivid dreams of running up a hill to escape some form of harm. This has been reflected in some modern art forms such as music and drama in the past. This and all Freud's other theories will probably continue to be illustrated through the arts for hundreds of years to come as all his idea's are so 'out there' and complex.

'Le Petite Mort' or 'The Little Death' is the idea that when a woman has an orgasm it is actually a foretaste of the feeling of death. All thoughts and worries are pushed aside and there is a few seconds of nothingness and sheer bliss where the woman let's go of any inhibition. Freudian suggestions are that some women still fear orgasms even today as they lose control of their self and ego.

If this blog has you a little hot under the collar... "MARGARET THATCHER NAKED!" ;)


  1. I wasn't hot under the collar until you mentioned Maggie Thatcher naked, the minx!

    In all seriousness, freud was a complete nutcase.

  2. alexa rank 4.7 - please update with your notes after each lecture and after each edition of WINOL including dummy editions. I am reading blogs at moment but not generally leaving comments due to pressure of time.