Friday, 20 November 2009

Today I have been filming a news package covering the events going on at Uni to raise money for Children In Need. Controversially I have broken away from certain VJ'ing rules and had a bit of fun with it... this is afterall a fun charity event!

For example, our Student Union president, Jimmy Weighell was performing a 24 hour sponsored silence. I decided to do an interview with him, starting with a voice-over where I said "we went to speak to Jimmy Weighell, but he didn't have much to say..." I shot a few seconds of him looking around and opening and closing his mouth and looking rather lost purely for comedy value. Obviously I got a real interview too, but by putting this in the package I thought it would be a good device to add humour to the day, a day which was never invented to be too serious.

Also whilst recording my piece to camera I had Pudsey stand with me dancing with his arm around me!

I recorded voxpops of staff dressed up as clowns to keep the silly theme going and filmed leg waxing, karaoke and other shenanigans so hopefully Monday will see me enjoy my editing instead of tearing my hair out as in previous weeks.

Remember to donate generously for Children In Need and get yourselves down to Children In Need Flirt tonight at The Vault if you have no other plans!

5 days until Winol...

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun with the camera on your packages KLJ, fair play :)