Friday, 18 March 2011

My first published article!

So yesterday I was let loose on a program called inews which is the 'newscity' of the real world! I was asked to write an article on the latest happenings on Japan using the news wires coming in. My final draft was tweaked as there were a few stylistic preferences of ITN but here it is...

Radiation from the stricken Japanese nuclear plant will reach North America in days, a Swedish official has claimed.
The particles are expected to travel across the Atlantic to Europe but they are not thought to be harmful to health.
Meanwhile, rescue efforts have been hampered by a cold-snap which has brought heavy snow to some of the areas worst hit by last week's tsunami and earthquake.
Some evacuation centres are also experiencing water and heating shortages, and many parts of the country, including Tokyo, are bracing themselves for rolling blackouts.

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