Thursday, 3 March 2011

Magazine Journalism Lecture 4

Reviews and Critics

'Theatrical Viagra' - Nicole Kidman in The Blue Room

Basics - 

Simple format; What is it? Is it any good? Does it do what it says on the tin?

Subjects; Music, theatre, comedy, dance, food, books

Gonzo reviews - 
A piece where the reporter is so outspoken that it become mores about the reporter than the actual subject. Michael Winner - Sunday Times. AA Gill -The Sunday Times. Matthew Norman - The Independent.

Reader service - 
ie. Sight and sound magazine

Judgement - marks out of 10?

Literary Criticism -

The Quarterly
The Fortnightly
The Westminster
Edinburgh Review
Punch (Thackeray)
Household Words (Dickens)
Times Literary Supplement (Virginia Woolf)
Daily Telegraph (John Betjemen)

Book Reviews - 

Badly paid
Have to read whole book
Experts in fields
Authors themselves
Perks - Gastons - send 3 copies
Staff - Booker judges


Crusading "consumer rights" movement pioneered in the US by journalist Ralph Nadar. 
Consumers' Association 1957

What not to do

Avoid personal preference, ie. "I like this because..." No good in serious consumer journalism.

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