Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Things are looking up! We seem to be getting better each week, yes there's the minor hiccup here and there but nothing majorly soul distressing has happened so everybody is happy. My role as output editor was a struggle for the first week as I wasn't used to the software or had anybody available to devote an hour or two to me to train me. I did improve (some may say marginally) but I feel I got there in the end. Chanin has mixed us all up again for this week which I am pleased about as I don't think there was anything more for me to gain from copying links people had written for me and putting them in an order Tomek had asked!

This week, well tomorrow, I will be operating camera 2 for the bulletin which is a pretty easy role, the only aspect that is said to be tricky is the handover from news to sport but we managed to spend hours in the studio and gallery doing run-throughs today until everybody was happy which will pay off tomorrow. I even faced my demons and had a cheeky go at presenting while Josh and Rob were in the gallery. I hope to present soon as the presenters to me are like the ambassadors for WINOL, and also I have a few confidence issues to work on. I think a week presenting would see me right!

Another thing I have noticed is that VT's are being handed in before deadline now... well done everybody! It's Tuesday evening and I'm not filled with a feeling of dread about going into the newsroom tomorrow. Hopefully there should be less pressure as everybody is much more prepared. Also the presenters are staying the same as last week so there won't be an element of presenter virgin nerves!

Good Luck everybody!

....if the bulletin goes tits up tomorrow I will be deleting this blogpost of misguided hope!

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  1. Your hopes were absolutely in the right direction:o) we did well this week. It does sees as though we are getting better and better every week. Taking over your role of the output Editor was much more enjoyable than having to learn my last role on my own as a director or vision mixing person. It's as you said, if we all had a person to sit down with us before each role and go through the details of it, our performance would probably be better.
    I found myself having to spend couple of days with Josh to give him tips for directing,I wish I had opportunity to practice handovers and other stuff more before going live. But every experience is a good experience I always say:o) Thanks to you and Chanin I cought up with Script writing quickly, of course there is still a lot of room for improvement on my side, but having you giving tips was very helpful, so thank you x