Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Looking Back...

2010 is approaching fast and here I am trying to think of one thing I would change if I could... and for once I can't think of anything! I'm not saying I've had the perfect year but 2009 has seen me make new friends, a new job, good memories, a couple of regrets and a lot of baked beans on toast and I honestly don't think I could have had a more colourful year. Perhaps there are some situations I could have handled differently but in general it's been great!

If I have spent some time in 2009 with you whether it be; watching disney, playing frisbee at Southampton Common, Chinese Buffeting it at the Water Margin, playing tennis until the pros came and showed us up, watching Hairspray in London, spending the day taking pictures in Bournemouth- laughing until our sides ache, fishing for caffe latte jelly beans, playing roulette in the casino at 4am, dancing at Lennon's on a friday night, GO APE... then you have made a part of my year! I learn a little about myself through every person I meet and befriend... each and every one of you, I appreciate you all! :) I hope to make many more amazing memories in 2010.



  1. Can you write about the course please?! Haha!

    That day must have been like 30 degrees hotter than what it is right now!!!

  2. Steinbecks Grapes of Wrath can wait a few days... It's Christmas! Oh yeah that day was soooo hot!! I miss the summer :(

  3. Grapes of wrath is not a very christmassy book it has to be said.