Wednesday, 16 December 2009

End of WINOL.... for now!

I'm in the newsroom right now... and the first time I have made it in for 9am happens to be the one time I didn't need to be so I am the only one here! But it has given me a great opportunity to write a bit about WINOL and to reflect on the last couple of months gone by.

As recently as the end of October, if you had given me a Sony shooting kit I wouldn't know what the hell to do with it. Last year we had some camera training but it was so sparse and in between that none of us really got a chance to become confident. 

However... the best thing that has happened to me at Uni so far is being thrown in at the deep end by being given the role of a news reporter, forcing me to learn quickly. My very first news package was filming the firework procession going through Winchester which Colin from the 3rd year kindly assisted me on. My framing was already ok but I wasn't up to scratch on all the technical stuff so by watching Colin closely and following suit I managed to become quite confident at filming by the end of the semester. 

My second demon was editing. Editing was all just too scary for me. I couldn't pull myself together to get my head around it but slowly I started to learn and now I can do that too.

So the third years are off to work on their innocence project now and the studio is going to be taken over by us. This means all the senior roles that they did so far, i.e. editor, production manger etc, will be taken over by us... are we up to the challenge? I don't know... but I do know we have all overcome every hurdle so far so here's hoping!! 

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  1. yes you all very did well. This blog too is worthy of credit because it is a mix of WINOL stuff, HCJ stuff and general observations. One of the better ones.