Thursday, 20 August 2009

A level results day!!

Congratulations to everybody who got good A level results today! I'm sure there is alot of celebrating going on across the country with the overall pass rate being a staggering 97.5%!! I personally failed 2 AS levels in my first year of college and spent the second year attempting to catch up so it's nice to see that a majority of college students are taking their futures seriously. In hindsight I wish I knuckled down a bit more but I had fun and I still made it into Uni so MEH!

1 in 4 entries got an A grade this year which is a significant progression from last year and there are 60,000 more applicants for university from last year.

Maybe the hold of the recession is making teenagers more keen to stay in education right now!


  1. Yeah - you are late developer...

  2. KLJ includes "MEH" in a post...

    Should I defend this as post-modern 'hip' journalism?