Sunday, 2 August 2009

Girl dies from undiagnosed diabetes as her father prays...

Just a quick point to add on to yesterdays blog...

I remembered the story of Madeline Neumann, the 11 year old girl who died from easily treatable diabetes because it remained undetected due to her religious father's reluctance to call out for a doctor's help. The girl could not walk, talk or eat towards the end but her father claimed if he had gone to a doctor he would be putting the doctor above God and that wasn't something he was prepared to do... preferring to PRAY for her recovery instead.

It is a difficult subject to approach as I'm sure it is possible that the father actually did believe that God would heal his sick daughter... but does this not suggest that religion can become a little "brainwashy" or become an obsession when people let it take over their lives. This girl had her whole life ahead of her and passed away because her dad thought a man who may or may not exist would heal her. It's really scary.

Yesterday I suggested that people may base their lives on the teachings of the bible as a clean way of living, but by taking the book too literally Mr.Neumann has now been charged with murder.


  1. Religion. It has many flaws. It causes lots of conflict in the world. Simple as that!

    Good point KLJ!

  2. Interesting points.
    How can the courts charge this man for believeing in god if you still have to swear an oath before God before given evidence in courts.

  3. Good point! It could be argued that the courts have contradicted themselves in this particular case... but where is the line that says "whoa, you've gone too far"?

  4. ...also this case was in America, where the dollar bills say "In God We Trust".

    That's what this man was doing... putting his trust in God.