Sunday, 18 January 2009

A new year, a new start?

Sooo we're all back to Uni from the Christmas holidays and do you wanna know what my New Year's resolution was? (aside from burn off the post-christmas fat of course!) Yep that's right... to start a blog to accompany my fantastic course which is the mighty Journalism. I have avoided such an activity until now because I am quite the procrastinator but after some gentle persuasion from one Thomas Hobbs and one Lucy Pilgrim (and also boredom from revising for our upcoming Law exam... sorry Chris!) I have decided to go for it!

So what is this post about? The new year! I love new year, I really do, I find it amusing. Each new year feels like a slate being cleaned where all goals seem achievable and you honestly believe 100% that you WILL; start losing weight, drink less, exercise etc etc despite repetitive failure to do so year upon year... but HEY this is 2009 so it's bound to work this time, right? Um, no. And I think I know why. Surely if you want to do something to improve yourself you wouldn't wait until 1st January to kick-start it into action. If a person wants to do something and is serious about it they will bite the bullet and do it when they realise they need to make a change. New Years resolutions are all about what people think they should do and not about what they want to do.

The problem is people take on a resolution that means little to them just for the sake of having a resolution. They have no substance to them, no deeper meaning and for that there is little motivation for them to achieve it. It's simply an empty vow for the sake of it being January. So I have something that might work...

This year I will be starting my healthy living plan in March... maybe.

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