Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bad day!

Ok, I really am not a fan of people who rant about how bad their lives seem to be so I promise I won't make a habit of this but MY GOD I need to get all this off my chest, so here it is, my bad day.

So I went out last night to Let's Kill Disco at the SU bar to see all my lovely chums I have missed over Christmas. Had a few drinks, had a boogie, just had a general laugh. I got home and a little worse for wear managed to snap the lense of my digital camera... now I am not a massively materialistic person so if I had bought the camera myself I wouldn't have minded so much, unfortunately it was a Christmas present from my parents so I was not keen to have to tell them I had broken it ALREADY. There was only one thing for it... I was going to have to get it repaired somehow.

So this morning off I trudged with my broken camera and a brave face (I was trying to sell the "I'm not hung-over" bit to my housemates) to get into town and see what could be done. After a highly soul destroying encounter with a Jessops camera expert in which I was told a repair was more expensive than buying a new camera I decided I should probably just tell my parents... I got the "aww we're not angry, just disappointed" speech which everybody knows is 100% worse than angry. It's like a dagger through the heart when you hear those words. You have FAILED.

But hey-ho nothing I can do so off I go to run my next miscelleneous errand. Which was... go to Boots and recover last nights photo's to put up on Facebook for friends. (Does anybody else have 'Facebook friends'. People who dart round you when you have a camera so they can be tagged the next day?) Uploading my pics took an hour so I decided to multi-task and use that hour to have my fringe cut, it was sticking in my eyes and I was beginning to resemble a member of Hanson. Found a place quick enough to fit me in but I didn't quite explain what I was after clearly enough and the hairdresser cut slightly more than I wanted off. I know hair grows and everything but girls are all about their hair!

So after that disappointing experience my hour wasn't up so I thought I would sit in Starbucks with a hot chocolate until the pictures were ready, please note I am still running with the "I don't have a hang-over" attitude... I took one sip- went pale- gagged- ran to toilet. Managed to stifle being sick but I became very upset at this point that I was out alone and feeling poorly! So clearly a dairy based beverage wasn't the way to go...

Still feeling thirsty I went to a newsagents and bought a Sprite (I know the Coca-Cola company is evil but you gotta hand it to them... their drinks are gooood!) and sat on a random bench to compose myself, watching the people of Winchester pass by and feeling quite sorry for myself. I managed to waste enough time until my pictures were ready but standing up I dropped my open handbag on the floor, contents you don't even want to know about rolling around while I scrabbled around in a retarded panic trying to pick it all up before anybody saw (apart from the withdrawn emo girl sat across from me but I thought she probably had her own issues and is insignificantly affected my my tampons on the floor!).

So after all that I get my pictures and am feeling a little better and who approaches me? A flipping kid's charity person trying to get me to donate. My boyfriend once said I have a face that asks to be approached by those nut-cases and I'm starting to think he had a point! "No Thank-you" I said before he had a chance to open his mouth but he was going on and on about kids dying of AIDS in Africa but he could see I was itching to leave so I made a lame excuse about meeting a friend and left... then ruined my alibi by later walking past him again, alone :

So that was my bad day. I am glad to have gotten all that out of my system... even if I am the only person who ever reads it haha!

2.25am... should probably get some rest for that Law exam tomorrow...

Night! x

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  1. aw bless...just as dippy as your mother lol xxx i will now shamelessly advertise my blogg which is , you may find something outrageous in the archives to never know but I may write again soon :)