Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Face of Hate.

This man is Chet Walken. Chet lives in Texas and believes that people who aren't white are of a 'degenerate' race and believes the term 'nigger' is perfectly acceptable.

Chet thinks President Obama needs to leave the White House purely because of his skin colour.

Chet believes the earth can be no older than 8000 years old because the 'Lord' made the earth and put all his creatures on it. 

In short - Chet Walken, is a moron.

At first I thought the Twitter page could be a wind-up. Some sort of ironic gag poking fun at the ignorance of Southern Americans - as hypocritical as that might sound to the argument of this blog. However, as I read on I realised this was not the case.

This Family Guy clip comes to mind when witnessing his pure ignorance.

Chet pretty much wished 23 year old Bolton footballer dead after his collapse on Saturday and tweeted " is a British nigger? I thought he was stinking up my beautiful ! In that case I care even less if he lives or dies" 

Wayne Rooney hit back at the racist 'christian' and 'conservative' Chet with the following; "u are a sick person. U should be ashamed of yourself. U make me sick. "

He has been using religion as a crutch for his racism but believes he lives a good Christian life-style.

After Chet's timeline became inundated with abuse from Muamba well-wishers and other members of the British public, he suggested that people in the UK were 'pussies' for not appreciating his freedom of speech. Chet is inciting hatred everyday on his Twitter feed but outraged that anybody might actually be offended by his 'free speech'.

I cannot explain the frustration I have felt at reading this man's Tweets but I have come across a hashtag  which is gradually gaining popularity. Please. If you have already taken two minutes out of your day to read this blog then please take a further 30 seconds to contribute in seeing Chet's hateful Twitter page removed.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Nothing he has said violates Twitter's T&C, the Twitter rules, or US law. I doubt Twitter (an American firm) will open itself up to accusations of censorship and ignore the first ammendment just because a few Brits are annoyed at what this guy has posted.