Friday, 28 May 2010

Lets Just Have One Pint... (The Drunken Ramblings Of Two Girls On A Mission For Greatness)

Well!! As you lovely creatures of the earth know (or should if you did your HCJ reading and indeed you should have as we had an exam today...) alot of the NEW JOURNALISM material was written under the influence of drugs, i.e. LSD and as me and my lover Gabs Louvel have just stumbled home from some post work pints into a bottle of Vodka I thought now would be as good a time as ever to get my thoughts out into the open.

I would like to start with...

Yesterday my dear friend Paul Carrett said something to me that blew my mind. "My perfect way to die would be from a meteor that crashed into the earth and wiped out EVERYBODY because then I wouldn't be missing out on anything." I myself think about dying all the time... because death is the ultimate goal of life. It's what each and every one of us is heading towards like a black abyss and nobody can avoid it. NOBODY (make the most of every minute and endevour to give your life meaning!) And although I've often thought about the people I will leave behind when I die... I've never really thought about WHAT IF... everybody died? Brian Thornton always tells us to step away from the work 'tragedy' because if one person dying is a tragedy then what is 10,000 people dying? Well if the whole world died out, that would not be a tragedy and do you know why? Because there would be nobody left over to grieve or to label it a tragedy. Grieving was not invented for the deceased. Being sad about somebodies death doesn't benefit the dead person in any way. Grieving is a purely selfish act. We all die. It's a fact of life so... whatever! Don't beat yourself up over an act of nature that has been happening since the first living cell.

Gabi wants a word...

"Okay, so my names Gabs, I'm not a student, and I basically never have been, but here we go, I'll give it a go anyway...
So me and Kayleigh were chatting today about this thing she has been learning about called existentialism, and then about death and such things, and pain, and meanings of life. All of that charming walakazam stuff.
Thing is way I see it, if I'ma gonna post an opionion out that the meaning of life... well that's never going to be known, guess everyones minds works in too many different ways.

This is one of my biggest flaws, as people who don't know me, I'll fill you in, I like to look at every view point, and the worst bit... I can see everyone's understanding to how they got to that point of view and how they see things in that way, so how can I have an actual opinion myself you may ask?! Well, it doesn't matter.

That is it. You can have an opinion. You can argue it. You can let it go. You can learn from it. You can strengthen it. You can act like you agree with someone elses.

But at the end of the day, what ever your saying for those 5, 10 minute verbal struggles... they'll be forgotten by tomorrow, and whatever is happening in your life.

So what do you do?! You wake up in the morning and you live your life. No regrets, no thinking, just do it, you'll never  be more alive than you are right now. You'll never be younger, more beautiful and more opinionated. So even if you don't know what to do, then thats brilliance in itself because how many people get to wake up and CHOOSE if they're going to "mong out" or "make a difference"

Remember the biggest difference you'll ever make in life is making someone that little be happier, that little more self assured, that little more confident that their life means something. Even though the happiest thing they'll ever learn, and perhaps are unable to ever understand is that happiness will never be theres."

Kayleigh returns...

Just one more thing. "Love." a feeling, or just a word? At the age of 21 I certainly don't feel like I have told somebody I'm in love with them and meant it. I care about some people more than others but that is all. Do feelings even exist? You can't hold a feeling, you can't touch a feeling so how can we determine whether it is there? I tell people I love them on a daily basis because I appreciate certain characteristics about them but society has built up the word 'love' to hold some sort of fairy tail meaning and I just havent experienced that!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm even here. How can you guarantee that everything you know isn't the result of a bigger forces imagination?



  1. What is highly amusing about this is the fact the lecturers will also read it...