Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Little Bit More Freud...

I touched on Freud in an earlier blogpost but I would like to talk about a different topic, okay it's still about sex but find me something Freudian that wasn't loosely related to sex :P

Freud once declared that, "Dreams are a royal highway to the unconcious mind". But what does this mean? Does this mean that, the time I dreamt I had a baby, that on some level in my unconcious mind I do actually want to have a child? Or that time I had a dream that my friend died that I actually want her dead? I really hope not.

The thing is, Freud believed that in every person there was a mental battle going on between their concious and unconcious mind, or their Ego and Id. There is a animal sematic drive in every one of us which Freud said was being supressed by civilisation. For example, if a very attractive woman walked past a young man, in his unconcious mind he may have desires to behave inappropraitely- i.e. rape her! But his concious mind knows that this is unacceptable in society so his Ego would not allow it. Between the two extremes comes a compromise called the super-ego. A person's super-ego will think rationally about a situation before acting. I understand this is alot to take on so I found a video which explains these ideas in a very simple way which you can view here.

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