Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Newborn Tot Found In Bushes

One story this week that has really upset me is that of the newborn baby found in some bushes in Buckinhamshire. The baby was found on a piece of open ground in High Wycombe with her umbilical cord still attached, suggesting that the birth of the child was not supervised by medical professionals.

Although the baby was thought to have been safe and well whilst being cared for by staff at the Wycombe General Hospital, what emotional pain will this child feel growing up knowing that she was abandoned at birth?

I suspect that the mother was maybe a young girl who accidentally got pregnant because she doesn't think contraception is important... in the words of Jeremy Kyle "Put something on the end of it!"

Who am I to judge though? This girl/woman could have some serious deep rooted psychological issues, but to leave your own baby after birth is far beyond any mental illness I have ever come across. I fail to understand the sheer cold heartedness of this. To call it a severe case of post natal wouldn't do this defenseless child any justice.

I hope that this anonymous mother will come forward and seek help.

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