Friday, 3 April 2009

Barack Obama

I really do believe that in today's society where youths are totally out of control like never before (teenage knife and gun crime is soaring compared to as little as ten years ago) that America has adopted a shining light in Barack Obama. On his visit to Buckingham palace yesterday with wife Michelle, the couple took to the Queen so endearingly that her majesty reportly said "Now that we have met, won't you please stay in touch."

The president of America even presented the Queen with a gift... an IPod! What a way to bring the Monarch rocking into the 21st century! A brave present but received with charm and humour. This is why we need to fully support Barack Obama. He is so in touch with today's technological society that he may well be the perfect role model to bring our countries out of turmoil and brings MORALS back into lives of youngsters.

The President has definitely lived up to his "yes we can" attitude so far. Let's just hope that we see a quick turn around in the residents of 10 Downing Street!

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